Sunday, 10 April 2011

MineCraft Account Generator, get a free Minecraft account now!

A free new Minecraft account has been generated for you!

Thank you, for contributing to our company and supporting future versions of the game.

Though still in development, Minecraft is already an obsession for hundreds of thousands of paying players across the world. As of right now you can either play a free version, called Minecraft Classic, or fork over 10 Euro for the Alpha version, which is the in-development version that receives periodic updates. Let's say you've heard the buzz and are on board with the blocky art style and are ready to play. Despite the world's friendly-looking Super Mario Bros. blocks that imply a simple, accessible type of game, it's a lot deeper than you may think.

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The file you'll be downloading is a rar file which includes a unique MineCraft account which you can play online with.